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BEGIN group celebrates faith differences 9 March , 2011

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Leaders of a diverse mix of local religious communities are striving to learn about each others’ faiths while growing stronger in their own.

The Brookfield-Elm Grove Interfaith Network, or BEGIN, brings together Christian, Baha’i, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Mormon, Muslim and Universalist faith leaders with a common goal: understanding.

“We don’t need to resolve our differences. It’s more important for us to find what we have in common, know where we’re different and do something positive with that,” said BEGIN convener the Rev. John Horner-Ibler of Cross of Life Lutheran Church.

Arleen Spanier, cantor of the reform Jewish Congregation Emanu-El, said, “The group is all about sharing with each other – ideas, spirituality and information that we can share with our congregations.”



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