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Pakistanis, Indians share peace prize 24 February , 2011

The Acha Star Awards for 2010 have been presented to two Pakistanis and four Indians for their work — Dr. Mohammad Arif (Varanasi), Jatin Desai (Mumbai), Ashfaq Fateh (Toba Tek Singh), Faisal Khan (New Delhi), Dilafrose Qazi (Srinagar), and Awais Sheikh (Lahore).

The awards, instituted by the Association for Communal Harmony in Asia (Acha), were initiated as the annual Acha Star Awards in 1996. They are now given every two years after a selection process that begins with inviting nominations (self-nominations are not accepted).

Acha is a 17-year old Oregon-based non-profit, non-political organisation that monitors peace and harmony work around the globe and also works to promote peace and interfaith harmony.

Ashfaq Fateh has been engaged since 1992 in efforts to bring together Muslims and Christians in Pakistan. As chairperson for the Harmony Foundation and principal of a high school he has inspired and organised programmes in schools to promote peace, gender equality, and religious harmony. In June 2010, he led a group of students to the Wagah border as part of the Aman Ki Asha Peace handkerchiefs initiative.


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