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Pastor’s reality food show pitch: Christians and Jews bonding over hotdogs 23 February , 2011

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It was the hot dogs that broke down religious barriers.

Megachurch pastor Phil Hotsenpiller and his wife, Tammy, invited their Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist neighbors over to their Southern California home for an interfaith, multicultural meal.

But not just any meal: This one was being filmed as a pilot for a reality TV show based on Tammy Hotsenpiller’s book, “Taste of Humanity” – which she described as an attempt to “bring cultures together through cuisine.”

“I had everyone bring something from their country,” Tammy Hotsenpiller recalled, “and I thought, ‘Well what is America known for? I mean, apple pie and hot dogs.’ So I brought apple pie and hot dogs. We did a hot dog bar with all the condiments and everything else.”



One Response to “Pastor’s reality food show pitch: Christians and Jews bonding over hotdogs”

  1. Jon Says:

    Good video. Love the idea. We definitely need more interaction between religions.

    Don’t know about the low cut dress. After living in the Middle East for a while, that was pretty shocking. For those of you who want to invite Muslims over, a nice cardigan would be appropriate.

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