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Chapter Report: World Faith Nigeria and the Jos Crises of January 2011 4 February , 2011

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Members of World Faith Nigeria experienced the height of the Christian-Muslim conflict in Jos, Nigeria. While witnessed heartbreaking violence inflicted upon many Ibgo and other Christians in the area , they were able to offer some relief. On January 8th, members of World Faith Nigeria responded to a distress call and joined the State Task Force commander and Brig. General Hassan Umaru in rescuing seventy-two passengers from a passenger bus that had been set on fire by attackers.


The violence continued until the next morning when five men were arrested and taken to State Task Force (STF) headquarters. On the 10th, World Faith Nigeria eyewitnesses saw the death of Albert Nanmiep and the injuring of another young man as they were protecting the St. Gabriel Catholic Church.

We will continue to keep in touch with World Faith : Nigeria and hope for a peaceful end to this violence.

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