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Daily Mirror (via Religions for Peace): Our society is A multi-ethnic one says DM jayaratne 26 January , 2011

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Prime Minister DM Jayaratne said that it was right and proper for Buddhists of this country, the majority community constituting 70% of the population of the country, to provide leadership in peace building.

Speaking at the National Assembly of Sri Lanka Council of Religions for Peace (SLCRP) on Saturday Mr. Jayaratne stated that at a time when the whole country was geared towards unprecedented speedy economic development, communal harmony, peace and amity among the people would be very important.

“It is a very pleasant experience for me today to be at this assembly where distinguished religious leaders from the four main religions of our country had gathered to discuss peace. I feel happy and honoured to be able to share with them my thoughts on this important subject,” the Prime Minister said. READ MORE



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