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Affordable Housing: Collaboration Key to Helping Those in Need 1 December , 2010

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Housing is a community commitment. That’s a sweeping statement, I know. But I believe it’s true. The issue of providing affordable homes and preventing evictions or foreclosures requires a consistent collaboration of resources, time and people.

As the end of one month nears we at Interfaith Mission take a deep breath in preparation for the start of a new month. That first business day marks the on-slaught of calls, faxes, e-mails and in-person requests for rental assistance from Centre County residents.

Interfaith Mission staff meet with eligible families who have identified a place to live but are in need of financial assistance to secure the lease. When we meet a family, the family’s specific circumstances can cover a range of possible complications. They may be homeless, near homeless or need to leave their current home for safety reasons. They are often short on funds, have few options and are facing a real housing crisis.



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