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Interfaith Conference Stresses Need to Revise Pakistan Blasphemy Law 12 November , 2010

ISLAMABAD: To highlight the issue of interfaith harmony and rights of minorities on national level, Cavish Development Foundation (CDF) in collaboration with Pak Interfaith Pakistan (PIP) organised a conference on Thursday with Parliamentary Secretary for Science and Technology Aasia Nasir in the chair.

Speaking on the occasion, Asia said, “Discrimination against minorities is widespread. We need to sensitise public and bring attitudinal change to eliminate this menace from society. We, minorities, love Pakistan; we own it and we want to participate in its development. Pakistan can only progress if minorities are treated equally and are given representation in every sector,” she said.

CDF Executive Director Hassan Nasir Mirbahar said, “There is beauty in diversity. Instead of appreciating and promoting coexistence with these differences, we observe discrimination against minorities in our society. Therefore, Cavish felt the need for raising its voice for interfaith harmony. Through this national conference, Cavish provided a platform to various minorities of Pakistan to get together, share their problems and make collective efforts for solution of these problems.”



One Response to “Interfaith Conference Stresses Need to Revise Pakistan Blasphemy Law”

  1. farzana abid awan Says:

    cavish do great efforts to solving the blasphemy law and tried to hi light the i issue of minorities of Pakistan

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