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Interfaith Youth Institute 2010 Concludes 10 November , 2010

Around forty five young people from Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jain and Muslim faiths gathered together in Visakhapatnam, the ‘City of Destiny’ for the Interfaith Youth Institute 2010. Interfaith youth collectively destined to network in building peace and reconciliation in their respective religious communities for bright future of humanity. The youth realized that they live in a world where there is growing violence either perpetrated by radicals or by those who oppose them. In these conflicting situations humans, especially youth reflected whether there is a way out of this vicious circle of violence. Youth realized that in these times the goal of humanity should not be just building better structures of governance rather creating new kinds of relationships, peace and reconciliation that would make a healthy community living.

Today young people are encountering greater and more unique challenges than ever before. In their crucial phase of development, not only are they confronted with the biological and psychological growth processes that characterize youth and adolescence, but they must also struggle with alarming external pressures such as poverty, disease and violence. Young people have much at stake, yet they have little say in the policies and activities that pertain to their lives. We also know today the whole world acknowledges the crucial role of young people in building peace. The mission of young people is not to reach and change the world radically, rather through the simple extensions of peace, love, and compassion



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