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Group Heads to Middle East to Gain Insight Into Building Peace and Surviving Conflict 4 November , 2010

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 When Joe McGuire boarded a plane for the Middle East, he took more than just his passport and luggage. He also brought along hope.

“Most people desire peace…it’s probably not going to happen in our lifetime, but it will happen,” said Mr. McGuire who spoke with This Week before heading to Washington D.C. for an orientation session on Oct. 30 and 31 with Interfaith-Peace-Builders before flying to Tel Aviv.

Mr. McGuire will be in the Middle East for two weeks as part of a delegation organized through Interfaith-Peace-Builders, which was founded in 2001 and became an independent organization in 2006. It is not affiliated with any government, political party or special interest group and is funded through individual donations and foundations.



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