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Kalamazoo Interfaith Group to Discuss Education, Housing With Local Leaders 13 October , 2010

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Focusing on early childhood education, housing and youth development, the Interfaith Strategy for Advocacy and Action in the Community (ISAAC) will hold a public meeting on Thursday, October 14th, to discuss plans for action.

“The entire theme and topic is building the beloved community,” said Jomil Wells, an organizer with ISAAC. “It’s actually been our theme the entire year based on the movement Dr. King has created, the concept that every individual, man, woman or child, no matter their age, sex, race or anything else, that they are valued citizens and that our policies and social behaviors should reflect that.”

Improving early childhood education, affordable housing and youth development are fundamental to lifting up the Kalamazoo community, Wells said of ISAAC’s priorities. Each will be discussed in depth at Thursday’s meeting, along with solutions ISAAC is proposing.

ISAAC plans to: Have conversations with local elected officials about protecting K-12 school funding; partner with the Michigan Organizing Project to protect current funding and secure additional money for housing vouchers for the needy; and join with the Community Youth Center board to get a neighborhood-supported community center built on Kalamazoo’s eastside.



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